Our Working Process

Acting as a True Partner rather than a supplier



Clients approach us for a feasibility study of their idea & very often we proactively propose process developments in areas where we see time/cost benefits for our clients.


Brain Storming

Breaking down the system into several pieces to analyze the situation and engage users to define the definite requirements.


Blue Print

The TO-BE system/process is designed along with the client. The designed system/process along with project planning is presented to the client's project board for approval



Designed system/process is developed using our onshore-offshore model with state of art technologies


Bugs ?

Unit,Integration,Regression,User Acceptance Testings are the norm. At TRIZ whole system is tested one by one with QUALITY


Train the trainers

Proper training on the system/process is performed and user manuals are provided before transitioning the system to its support staff and end users


Deploy/Go Live

With closely monitored project planning,activity check list,resource allocation,issue tracking project are delivered on ON TIME and IN FULL as agreed

Post Implementation Support

Keep it in good hands

We are with the clients to make sure the deployed process/system is stabilized and the users are comfortable with the new product/process.

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